Dried figs

Dried fig is known to be one of the most complete fruit that exists. Rich in vitamin A, B, y K, it also contains high levels of calcium, potassium, magnesium, and iron, which are essential elements to our daily diet. It is also a great source of fiber. In fact, a single dried fig provides nearly 20% of the recommended daily intake.

Our dried figs variety is called « Calabacita ». Almost unknown in the European market, our figs have a flavour and a texture very different from the Turkish fig.  They have an abundant flesh, they are tender, really sweet, and their skin is very thin. Sun dried, the figs are 100% natural.  They do not receive any treatment, they are just rolled in rice flour.


We offer bulk dried figs in different packaging:

-          Boxes of 5 kg

-          Boxes of 12 kg

The box can be of our brand, Villacruz or generic (white).

Chocolate covered dried fruits

We offer 250g bags of small dried figs coated with delicious milk chocolate.

We also have 200g bags of Spanish walnuts with chocolate. 

Fig paste

Fig paste can be used for multiple purposes. It is especially utilized as in ingredient in the bakery, pastry, confectionery, and chocolate industry. 


Our 250g and 500g bags have the perfect shelf size to fit supermarkets distribution. They preserve the fig taste and softness for a longer time.

This healthy and delicious snack is ready to be eaten at any time of the day. Easy to bring at work or at the gym to enjoy its many nutritional benefits and energy when you need it the most.


We also offer a 250g punnet.

Stuffed figs

Delicious dried figs stuffed with nuts or marzipan.

These gourmet products come in display boxes.


Fig bread

Typical Spanish product, our fig bread is made with almonds from our region.

Traditionally, it is consumed during Christmas time but can likewise be a substitute for energy bars. It also combined perfectly with all kinds of cheeses.

We offer fig bread in round cake of 250g or 30g individual flowpack.


Chocolate fig

We make delicious chocolates figs stuffed with a surprising crunchy praline made of hazelnuts, almonds and biscuit and covered with authentic dark chocolate with a minimum of 56% cocoa. 

We also offer a chocolate fig filled with liquid praline and covered with dark chocolate. Very good as well but cheaper and can be done with the distributor's brand for hotel chains, corporate gifts, airlines companies, surpermarkets...

This gourmet product will delight the gourmands.











Dried figs
Dried figs
Fresh figs